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Serbian Orthodox Church (Balkans, Serbia and Montenegro). Official website
A nonpolitical, non governmental and nonprofit website, established by joint efforts of exiled Krayinians, refugees from the territories of RS Krayina and Croatia. News, documents, pictures, movies, message board and links.
Site languages: Русский, English, Српски   Referrals: +0/-4
Added: 16.02.2007, updated: 12.07.2018
Categories: Serbian Calvary
See also: Urban and Rural Lands of Serbia and Montenegro, Analytical Materials, Church and State, Politics, News, Serbia and Montenegro, Orthodox Media
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Jacob’s Well. The official publication of the Diocese of Washington and New York, Orthodox Church in America
Orthodox Church in America (North America, USA). Official website
Provides a place for the distribution of news and activities regarding the life of the Diocese and its parishes. Seeks to highlight functions sponsored in the areas of youth and liturgical music, and the efforts taking place throughout Diocesan missions. Presentation of iconographic examples from Diocesan parishes.
Site language: English   Referrals: +0/-2
Added: 17.03.2005, updated: 19.01.2013
Categories: Dioceses of Orthodox Church in America, Diocesan Media, Orthodox Church in America
See also: Sermons, Poetry, News, Orthodox Media
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Orthodoxy Beyond Limits

Russian Orthodox Church (Southern Asia, India). Private site
A very special endeavor to bring together the International Orthodox Christian Resources under a single web page. This web site comprehends the International Orthodox Christian Resources. Different resources like web links and pictures, articles and facts related to the Orthodox Churches in and around the world. Latest news, articles, archives, pictures of saints, primates and all important events taking place in the Orthodox arena and also some briefing on Orthodox faiths and beliefs.
Site language: English   Referrals: +0/-1
Added: 22.05.2009, updated: 02.07.2017
Categories: Web Collections
See also: Prayers, Prayer Collections, Foundations of the Orthodox Faith, News, Orthodox Faith
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New York City Deanery
Russian Orthodox Church outside of Russia (ROCOR), Восточно-Американская епархия (North America, USA). Official website
ROCOR news, first hierarch, diocese, deanery, news, video, articles, and contacts.
Site languages: Русский, English   Referrals: +0/-1
Added: 31.12.2014, updated: 10.12.2016
Categories: Deaneries
See also: News, ROCOR Parishes, World Countries
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