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Orthodoxia. Exhibition of Ecclesiastical Items

Orthodox Church of Greece (Balkans, Greece). Official website
The exhibition takes place under the blessings of the Athens Archdiocese. Participation info, organizers and venue.
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Added: 15.11.2006, updated: 26.10.2020
Categories: Exhibitions, Fairs, Cultural Public Events, Sales of Icons, Liturgical Vestments and Mass Utensils
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Orthodox Expo. International Exhibitions of Orthodox Art
Russian Orthodox Church (Not associated with any particular region, Russia). Official website
A wide range of innovative exhibitions such as “Contemporary Icon & Traditional Crafts”, “Iconagraphic Centers of Russia”, “Orthodox Miniature. Origins and Traditions” and the compilation of them all – “World Enlightened”.
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Categories: Exhibitions, Fairs
See also: Cultural Public Events
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Orthodox Northwest. Bulletin Board for Events & Happenings of Interest to Orthodox Christians in the Northwest
Russian Orthodox Church outside of Russia (ROCOR) (North America, USA). Private site
A blog for the purpose of informing Orthodox Christians in the Northwest of activities that may be of interest to them. This includes retreats, concerts, festivals, feast days, visits of important dignitaries and icons, charitable activities and other events.
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Added: 30.03.2011, updated: 18.01.2013
Categories: Church and Society, News
See also: Musical Events, Conferences, Lectures, Seminars, Exhibitions, Fairs, Cultural Public Events
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Rafaela Art Gallery. Icons and Wallpainting
Bulgarian Orthodox Church (Balkans, Bulgaria). Official website
The Gallery is offering a big variety of replica of Bulgarian Orthodox and foreign icons. Exhibitions, online gallery, icons list and prices, address and contacts.
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Added: 14.02.2005, updated: 26.10.2020
Categories: Sales of Icons, Liturgical Vestments and Mass Utensils
See also: Visual Arts, Icon Painting Shops, Exhibitions, Fairs, Icon Painting
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